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The purpose of the Lake Samish Association is to promote, encourage, protect, and enhance the social, public safety, and environmental qualities of life in the greater Lake Samish basin and adjacent interdependent areas.

The Lake Samish Association was founded in 1992 and today has over 150 members. The goals of the Association are as follows:

  1. Encouraging and developing citizen participation in all decisions that affect the quality of community in the Lake Samish area.
  2. Securing, organizing and disseminating information concerning proposals, projects, procedures, policies, and the like which could affect the quality of rural environment in the Lake Samish area.
  3. Providing governmental decision-makers with Association supported action recommendations for issues of Association concern.
  4. Working for the improvement of the Lake Samish area as defined by a majority of Association members.
  5. Promoting private and public activities which enhance the quality of life in the Lake Samish area.
  6. Initiating and implementing fund raising activities in support of the Lake Samish Volunteer Fire Department and other community projects supported by the Association.
  7. Serving as a depository and informational resource to area residents about activities impacting the greater Lake Samish basin and adjacent areas.

The Lake Samish Association is managed entirely by volunteers and is supported almost exclusively through member dues and donations. Members are encouraged to join the Board of Directors or another committee which offer interesting challenges and provide much valuable information on lake and water issues.

Association members receive valuable and interesting information through our newsletters, email communication on current and critical issues, access to our comprehensive website and an opportunity to network with other members, Board of Directors elected representatives, and other personnel at our annual meetings and various forums.

If you are a permanent or part-time lake area resident, recreational lake user or lake area business, we encourage you to join the Lake Samish Association and support our efforts.

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